I was approached by the Clarke family to trace records of their ancestor who was killed during WW1. I was able to find the date of death of their relative and track down which cemetery he now lies in. By then accessing the battalion war diary for his unit it was possible to find that only one man from this unit had died on 31.8.15 and therefore it was him! (see note below)

Here is the war diary for the end of August 1915 – the only report of OR casualties is a man killed by a sniper on the 31-8-1915. This is one of the War Diary’s briefer periods describing events.

This has now enabled a tour to be planned in the near future which will follow Clarke’s travels in France, his transfer from the Notts and Derbys to the Northants regiment, the place of his death whilst working in no mans land and a visit to the cemetery in which he now rests.

  • War Record

Jonathan, you are a friend indeed!  Once again, this is probably all I would need to know about Cpl. John Sim Stevenson, and again, you have my sincere gratitude for providing this information and so swiftly too!

Bill (Oct 2017)


Thanks for your help.  The documents all arrived today and they were him, the funny thing is though there is no mention in his records of the Royal Berkshire Regiment. They are all the Loyal North Lancs Regiment. It was a surprise gift for my husband and he was thrilled with them.

Thanks again

Best wishes

Julie (Jan 2018)


I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for your help over recent days….your time, resources, knowledge and expertise have been invaluable at a point where I seemed to have ground to a halt especially with William and Molly and to some extent with John Henry: although I knew a bit more about him you told me a great deal more. I know my aunt will be over the moon when I tell her.
I will pursue the further leads you’ve given me on Will and Molly at the earliest opportunity and in due course will let you know how I got on.
Kindest regards
Andrew S (Lincs May 2017)

Hi Jonathan,

Wow – that is a fantastic insight – you’re right – he did his “bit” and more over the 4 years in the Army.  His marriage was recorded as in the period Oct/Nov/Dec 1917 – which might be of some help in pinning down dates?Let me see if there is anything else the family have now to finish the story….Thanks so much again

Tudor R, York – May 2017


Hi Jonathan,

Wow what a quick and informative response thank you very much. I’ve been researching my family history since Christmas and Sidneys story has been very sad. I know all about his life (unless there’s more poverty and sadness to uncover!) his dad disappears with another woman and marries another woman, fairly sure he’s committed bigamy. His mother turns to prostitution. Sidney is arrested for wandering at 11 1/2 years old in a poor condition. Before this he has moved to six different schools around London.

Jade – Manchester – Mar 2017


Hi Jonathan,

Thank you so much for the information that you have researched so efficiently and speedily, with respect to my Grandfathers experience during the 1st World War.

Tony D, Lancs – Jan/Feb 2017


Hi Jonathan,

Can’t wait for the grandchildren to get older so I can pass all the information and photos on. Hopefully they will appreciate and understand what it is all about.

David S, Huddersfield – Feb 2017



Hi Jonathan,

Thank you so much for the work that you have done, I am amazed at your findings. Thanks for telling me about the medal ribbon and the meanings of the colours, I had no idea!

Thank you for finding this information so quickly and sharing it with me, I can now find more about where he served and more about my family history so that I can share the information with my Grandchildren and family. 

Peter O, Lancs Nov 2016



I’m more than impressed. Thank you for helping me with this. Once again…thank you!

Mike G – Sept 2016


Hi Jonathan

The booklet is beyond my expectations Thank-you for time and effort put in to it.
Many thanks
Peter – Aug 2016

Morning Jonathan

Brilliant work! I hope you haven’t been too distracted from your day job. You may have it already but I have attached a copy of the 1/4th Loyals book.

Thank you

Gaye – July 2016



Hi Jonathan

I was fascinated by the papers you kindly dropped off, Edward was home for the weekend and Googled Carlton’s son Aubrey who it transpires was with the RAF and killed in Egypt in the 2nd world war.

So much sadness and all news to me !

Many thanks again.


James – May 2016


Dear Jonathan

Many thanks, the book you sent has arrived safely.  We are finding it really interesting and your explanations are most helpful. We now understand far more about what my Grandad must have experienced.Thanks so much for your great help. It really will help to enhance our trip as well as being very valuable for our whole family history.

Janet K – May 2016



Hi Jonathan – I received the booklet today, It’s great thank you, very informative and a lovely keepsake.

 Kind regards

 Carol (March 2016)


Hello Jonathan

 That’s wonderful, thank you so much for your help.  Beginning to build up a good picture of my great uncle now!

Best wishes

D. B. (Nov 2015)


Jonathan, Excellent -Thanks again for taking the time and effort, you’ve got down far more than I have managed to do in ten years!

Dave B , Lincoln – Oct 2015


Jonathan, You have placed a whole new understanding into our family background. Thank you.

Roy M, Notts, Sept 2015


Hi Jonathan

 Wow – very many thanks for this summary – certainly helps me to put Ellisons service into context.

 You certainly get the ABCD award – Above and Beyond the Call of Duty for that summary – fantastic.

 Thank you so much again – I’ll let you get back to helping other novices like me – or perhaps doing your own research again!!!

 Very best regards – and thanks again for all your time and effort…

Tudor  – May 2015



 Thank you so much for the information so far.  Fascinating.

 Re the medal cards and the felony – we don’t have any information on this. Frankly thats a bombshell!

TR – England May 2015


WOW! I have just shed a few tears, thank you and bless you

W. Wilson, Canada, April 2015


Thanks for your help Jonathan. We now know so much more!

Paul S. Nottingham October 2014


What an absolute star you are Jonathan..thank you very much my auntie will be ever so pleased.

Graeme R June 2014


Cheers Jonathan and thanks for your help

Stephen N June 2014


Hello Jonathan,

Have just finished reading your information, thankyou very much, its is most helpful. Yes please do keep trying to dig up anything you can after you return from France.

Best Wishes


Feb 2014


Dear Jonathan

That is an amazingly quick response!! Thank you.

  • I know that Uncle Reg was riding a Shire Horse when he met my grandfather on the Somme Battlefield, going in the opposite direction. He told me this himself, and said “Hello, Harry, what are you doing down there?” to which my grandfather said,”Hello, Reg. What are you doing up there?” by which time their respective columns had moved past each other…….. So that would back up the Royal Horse Artillery element of the card, I think.Best wishesDavid
  • Jan 2014


Hi Jonathan

Thanks for your prompt reply; even the info about the medals adds to my knowledge.

I know that Corney settled in the Worksop area after the war so this tends to support your theory about his unit.  I have attached the only photo that I have of him in uniform – you may be able to enlarge it and identify his unit badges.  He was fortunate to be able to return to his wife and they had about 5 children and he survived into his sixties.  His original occupation was a horseman and he told his relatives that that was why the army wanted him; not for his soldiering skills.Many thanks for your interest and support,

Chas P. Sept 2013


Hi Jonathan,

I visited the exhibition at Christ’s Hospital School yesterday and you very kindly found a certificate relating to the death of my uncle, aged 24 years, on the Burma Railway.  There was also a picture of the cemetery where he is buried near the border with Thailand.  If possible, could you forward me this information.  I am more than happy to reimburse you any costs that you might incur downloading the documents.  I am undecided at the moment whether to pursue the matter any further but I will discuss it with my brother as he holds what papers we have relating to the death.  I would also like to thank you for the kindness you showed me yesterday, it was very much appreciated.


Linda P.  (Sept 2013)


Just seen the books that you have for sale… excellent prices! I am willing to take these books…

Tom L, Birmingham. Sept 2013


Hi Jonathan

I really appreciate this you don’t realise how much finding this out really means as this is the first  real look into my dad’s side of family as I lost contact with the only living relatives when my dad died and i was very young.

Eddie K – May 2013


Dear Jonathan

Thank you again for your commitment to our endeavours on the Normandy beaches and beyond. It was a fantastic trip for everyone involved there was so much emotion and fun which I have already said to Yvonne has left our hearts full of warm recollections and our heads full of the D-day legacy! Whilst the weather was a little challenging at times we have to keep in mind it was February, thanks for persevering with it, having maps and papers laminated was an inspiration.


Robert T – March 2013


Dear Jonathan

We would like to say a big thankyou to you for making this trip informative , interesting & enjoyable . You put such a lot of effort in to researching  facts & itinerary .

It was great that we all got on so well & had a bit of fun along the way ! Shame about the weather !

I must admit that some moments were quite emotional for Mon & I . We are planning to bring our grandsons for the 70th anniversary next year , so your tour will stand us in good stead . We keep refering to your information pack since our return , things that we didnt take in at the time make sense .


Yvonne C – March 2013.



That is service. Many thanks indeed.

Thanks and Regards


January 2013


Thanks for the Clarence Gabriel Moran materials. They are just what I was looking for..

David H , Oregon, USA – Nov 2012.


Hi Jonathan,  just looked through your research, love it thx, my wife’s chuffed to bits. Thx again.

Gary McG, Nottingham. – Dec 2012

Dear Mr. D’Hooghe,

Thank you very much for all the informative and interesting paperwork you accessed and printed for my sister-in-law, Marion.   She left it with me and mentioned a little diary in my possession, of interest to you.

I have copied it as best I can, also a Christmas card, a postcard and photograph of our uncle in uniform and sent it  to Marion for forwarding to you.   I hope these will be useful in your W.F.A. studies.

Best wishes and thank you again,

Yours sincerely,

Iris Allsopp (Nee Turner)


Jonathan – Our trip to France in April will stay with me forever. The work that you had done to trace my grandfather’s travels across France and in particular the retreat from St Quentin in 1918 was staggering. You told the full story and it opened my eyes  in more ways than one.

John B, Notts. – May 12

Amazing knowledge and service I can’t recommend highly enough.  – Colin D, West Sussex. – Sept 12.


Hi Jonathan – many many thanks for all the info on Albert Reeves – I find it most interesting and quite moving in a strange way – I shall keep it all together and when the time is right I’ll pass it all over to Jamie’s son Matthew who has the medal.

Kind Regards



Thanks for the picture and information on Jim. We have updated Jack’s record and a revised version is attached. Please let us know if you would like any changes.


Pam & Ken

Dear Jonathan,

Many thanks for this update..…..greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Phil Harrison


Jonathan – Thank you so very much for guiding me around my relatives last resting places. I had never visited the war cemeteries before and found it all very moving……………

Marcus D, Hampshire – April 12



Many thanks for your help in researching my family history. I found the website very informative and was pleasantly surprised at how knowledgable you are in both World War 1 and 2. I shall be recommending you to my friends.

Katherine, Wirral – Sept 12


I have read through what you have sent Jonathan regarding my great Grand father .. very interesting and a big thank you for that .. big thumbs up from me for what you have found out that I never knew .  A very big thankyou to Jonathan for finding out so much information about my Great Grandfather. Not only a very nice man, Jonathan has a great deal of knowledge and passion about both World Wars. I received in great detail a lot of documentation I would have thought would have been lost or destroyed over time. All I can say is a big thankyou from myself and my family who have learnt a lot of late about our Ancestors. It was a very emotional moment reading this information and did mean a lot to me and to have this to hand to show my children when the are old enough to understand. I certainly would recommend Jonathan to anyone and totally appreciate the time and effort he has put into this. Sean

Sean R, Norwich. – Oct 12.