About Jonathan

I am highly motivated in the area of family and especially military research after finding out that 10 of my family served in France and Flanders  during The Great War- Fortunately 9 of the 10 survived the war including my grandfather, albeit with the loss of his right eye, and it was after visiting the location of the death of my great uncle Jack at Ovillers on the Somme battlefield that the desire to help other families became a reality. I can help you find those ancestors who gave all for their country and take you on their journey tracing their records in the archives, taking you on a tour through the battlefields and guiding you through the memorials that stand as a lasting reminder to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and believe me, despite the passage of time there is nothing so emotive than a short poetry reading session whilst standing in front of your relatives headstone or memorial– I am Jonathan D’Hooghe – Chairman of the Lincoln branch of The Western Front Association and I hold a Masters Degree (MA) in British WW1 Studies from the University of Birmingham – I specialise in social history and am particularly interested in the field of post war memorialisation.  CONTACT